The Artist 

Born in the German Rhineland, Claudia Antonie Herr developed her craft of jewelry design based on years of travel, exploration, and work in the field of interior home-décor design. 


Several years spent in Japan with her husband Walter and her son Bastian, as well as her subsequent move to Asheville, NC, honed her eye for wabi-sabi design - simplicity, elegance, and "just enough".


Owning an international family business of objets d'art for interiors - including lamps with patented light design, silver bowls, and natural sculptural elements - the concept of "going smaller" began to take root when Claudia and her family moved to the arts- and crafts-rich Blue Ridge Mountains in 2007. She befriended a local sculptural weaver and was encouraged to take silversmith classes until finding her own voice in working with silver, gold, and natural gemstones.


Claudia envisions natural forms, combines them into hard materials, and creates delicate but durable jewelry pieces which form her style of simplicity and clarity. She has a penchant for natural rough stones, like quartzes, with an unusual form that reveals their origin. The item's final finish reflects the natural beauty of the materials used to underline the intentional imperfections of Claudia's hand-made jewelry.

In 2018 Claudia & her husband moved back to Germany where she now resides in her home in the beautifully calm East Frisia region.